Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

I’ve been neck-deep in the best part of being a sci-fi writer, and that is writing my next book — the second book in The Ascendancy Trilogy, and Taryn’s rocket-launch into being a kick-ass heroine!

I’m so excited about book #2 I can barely rip myself away from the MS to do anything else (like blog, read, feed my kid…). If things go well, and I manage to remain functional, I’ll have this book out in your hands early next year. ^_^

So no new blog post on sci-fi or technical goodies this time, but I haven’t been completely absent either, so I give you NEWS & UPDATES:


My post on How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages was reblogged on SciFiIdeas.com (@SciFi_Ideas) and is hopefully helping other writers with their worldbuilding. Those guys have some really crazy alien profile entries for this year’s competition!

I got interviewed by fellow writer & flaming redhead A. A. Woods (@aawoodswrites) on her blog’s Writer Wednesday feature. She had some awesome questions, and I got to talk about important things like motivation and developing your own writing process. Thanks for having me, Audrey!

I also had MY VERY FIRST PODCAST on the Resolute Writer (@resolutewriter) podcast and blog! I got to talk about creating aliens, developing civilizations, coming up with names, and more — and just had a lot of fun, despite the impending Alien Robot Apocalypse. Big thanks to Matt for featuring me, and I hope his followers (and you all) are not too shocked at my freaky accent! 😀



It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and still a lot more busyness to come — especially on the writing front — which makes me both very happy and very tired. I will have some more awesome news soon, but until then please excuse me while I go ENSLAVE SOME NEW WORLDS! *ahem*

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

Alien World

It’s Alien August over at SciFiIdeas.com — which means a whole month of extraterrestrial goodness invading their website, and dozens of science-fiction writers filing in their creature profiles to win the grand Alien August Competition. And — squee! — an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link is part of their Prize Package! Isn’t that awesome? Of course now is the perfect time to write a post […]

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Perfectionism is Murdering Your Muse


We’re all battling demons when we set out to write, but the biggest demon of all is Perfectionism. All those other ugly monsters that sit on our hunched shoulders and drill into our heads are nasty too, for sure, but this one’s their Daddy. His destructive power comes from our mistaking Perfectionism for Ambition. Mistaking his bullying for motivation. Believing that […]

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Are perfect, micromanaged worlds utopian or dystopian?

Utopia or not

A blog reader emailed me last week with a question, and I thought I’d reply best by writing a new blog post (so you guys can peek into the discussion as well). His question was: Does living in a perfect world indicate that you indeed live in a “Utopia?” Or is a society that’s “too perfect” in […]

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THE EGGSHELL HERO – How to build a story upon a dramatic character arc

cracked statue

All good stories must have a plot — a sequence of events that is logical, inevitable, and relentlessly propells the story (and reader) forward. Mostly, the plot is external action. But sometimes—and literary writers will nod vigurously here—the plot is internal, and barely accompanied by grand outward action. Instead, it’s made of incremental revelations, decisions, and reflections, all […]

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Book Review of The Deep Link by independent blogger TJ Hapney

TDL - 5 stars

I got my first review of The Deep Link by independent book blogger TJ Hapney — and she loved it! Here’s an excerpt from her review, which you can read in full on her book blog: When I receive a new book I generally read a few pages to see how soon I plan to read it (honestly). […]

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5 Ways in which first contact with aliens might end in disaster

Nothing makes my neurons glitter more than first contact stories, or stories involving catastrophic relations between humans and aliens. I always wanted to write about a first contact gone wrong. That’s why The Deep Link begins with a first contact disaster, but not because of some fundamental difference between humans and aliens. Because Taryn, my protagonist, is a reckless fanatic who just can’t […]

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The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway

THE DEEP LINK Available NOW on Amazon!

It’s finally here: RELEASE DAY! The Deep Link is now available on Amazon! I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long, I’m almost at a loss what to say. Except, of course, YAAAY!!! Look, look: I made a book! 😀 Without sounding like an infatuated asshat, I’d love to thank a big bunch of extraordinary people, whose support […]

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Self-Published by Choice – 7 Reasons Why I Did It

My publishing company headquarters (via Pixabay)

Nowadays we have the freedom to choose the publishing path we want to go, and which will shape our career. I chose to self-publish. I never querried an agent, or submitted my work to a traditional editor or publisher for consideration. I thought about doing it for a long time, while I was writing learning how to write, […]

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Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative

Gargantua planet

One of the most burning questions we are faced with when we marvel at the grandness of the universe and the diversity of life on Earth, is: Why the hell can’t we find any aliens? I’m not talking about bacteria or frozen spores on some asteroid or moon, but intelligent species — interstellar civilizations we can recognize and communicate with. After all, […]

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