Character Driven or Plot Driven?

This is one of the most (ab)used distinction criterias between stories: Is it character driven, or is it plot driven? What if it's both? What if it's neither? Just listen to what Steven James has to say in "Story Trumps Structure": "All stories are tension-driven. They may be character-centered (revolving around personal growth), More...

7 things you don’t (want to) know

This is one of those “blogging awards” things that I don’t really do, but Thomas Weaver who nominated me is a great guy. So here I go, abiding by the “One Lovely Blog Award” rules and posting 7 things about myself which I haven’t shared before. 1. I wake up at 5 every day to do at least […]


Let’s talk publishing

Online Publishing

We writers have so many choices today. We can share our work with readers over a wide range of technologies and formats, in any language and at any price. Almost. It’s all a question of volition, and we can have the world. All we need to do is make the right choice for ourselves. But that ain’t easy. The downside of having so […]


Doing few things really well, instead of many things really fast


I fell behind on my NaNoWriMo project this week. Instead of ending the week with 25Ks of fresh new words, I ended the week with 20K out of which quite a bunch must be cut. The main reason for this I already mentioned — the story I had outlined and my approach didn’t go well together. I had to […]


First week of #NaNoWriMo whacked me smack in the back of my neck

Exploding Book

I appologize for that insulting rhyme in the headline, but holy fucksocks this week turned my writing philosophies inside out! Whatever I thought I knew, whatever I proudly proclaimed to have understood about Writing from working on my first novel (The Deep Link), I just realized is a handfull of smoke wafting through my brain. Figures of fog that you can’t hold […]