Ello World – Another sinkhole or a rope to the surface?

You probably heard about it -- Ello -- the new social media network on the rise that will kill Facebook, shove Twitter into the spammy noisy hell hole it crawled out of, and sit on Tumblr's face. It's minimalistic, add-free, invite-only, artsy and too good to even be considered "cool", and it already gobbles up over 31,000 people an hour just More...

Beta-reading is the trial by fire before you jump into the live volcano

the frustrated writer

Because your beta-readers are the first to get a glimpse of your mess masterpiece, and the experience had better prepare you for the reality out there: readers might not love your book. They might not drool over it. They might even hate it. Or worse—not care about it at all. Good beta-readers will critique your MS. Awesome beta-readers will […]


A BIG THANKS, and a little teaser


To be honest, I was really scared of putting up a public request for beta readers. I was fairly sure no one would want to invest their time & energy into beta-reading my first novel, except maybe for a friend or two. So I am immensely grateful for the many offers I’ve received! I can’t […]


THE DEEP LINK is finally ready for betas! Champagne for everyone!


*corks fly through the roof* My first science-fiction novel is finally DONE! This is where I tap dance and jump through burning hoops to impress you — because I need your help. I need willing and able beta-readers to give me honest feedback, so I can trim and polish this novel to near perfection. And […]


Opening Line Madness

I’m almost through with my mammoth MS revision, and now I face the horror pleasure of fine-tuning the first pages. More exactly, the opening line. It’s gotta bite. It’s gotta grab you by the throat and drag you into the story. It has to tickle your synapses and make sweet love to your curiosity, until you ache to know more. […]