Finding a strategy for NaNoWriMo

This year's NaNoWriMo is going to be tackled by a well prepared, fiercely motivated and unappologetic me. And I'm going to goddamn finish it, holding a hefty chunk of novel draft in my cramped hands, or else! Because this November I'm diving into the horror corner of science-fiction, and that requires careful planning (yay), a lot of More...

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Scratching your head yet? *grins* *checks her notes, tries to be serious* Fellow science-fiction writer, science geek and worldbuilding master JENO MARZ is featuring an interview with me on her blog today. Check it out! It’s about inspiration, coming up with names and titles, learning curves and thoughts on the publishing conundrum, and madness. Writing is always about some […]


Songs that shape our writing

I always write with my headphones on. Various strange tunes blare into my tympanic cavities at any given time, making my neurons dance. I work with music and write with music, but I’m not one of those zombies walking down the street with their earplugs wedged into their brain. (I never got that; are they trying to escape reality? Does every move they […]


Ello World – Another sinkhole or a rope to the surface?


You probably heard about it — Ello — the new social media network on the rise that will kill Facebook, shove Twitter into the spammy noisy hell hole it crawled out of, and sit on Tumblr’s face. It’s minimalistic, add-free, invite-only, artsy and too good to even be considered “cool”, and it already gobbles up over 31,000 people an hour […]


Beta-reading is the trial by fire before you jump into the live volcano

the frustrated writer

Because your beta-readers are the first to get a glimpse of your mess masterpiece, and the experience had better prepare you for the reality out there: readers might not love your book. They might not drool over it. They might even hate it. Or worse—not care about it at all. Good beta-readers will critique your MS. Awesome beta-readers will […]