THE DEEP LINK is now FREE on Amazon for a very short time! + More good news!

Hey guys,

My sci-fi novel THE DEEP LINK is available for FREE on all Amazon stores, from September 1st through 3rd! Grab your copy now & spread the word, and win my undying gratitude in form of rainbow-colored cookies raining from the sky!

Not really. That would be horrible. Battered to death by cookies is no way to go down. If anything, we manic scribblers shall go down writing!



If you haven’t already bought my novel The Deep Link (in which case I THANK YOU DEARLY!) you can download it for free today, and find out how humanity’s most stubborn rogue collides with the galaxy’s most powerful warlord, changing the fate of the universe forever.

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite parts of TDL (mild spoilers ahead):

A familiar head rises further back in the crowd.


But as it comes closer, the Dorylini I grew up with—my friend and confidant, my alien sister—bucks up into an aggressive posture, preparing to attack me. The way Edrissa is prowling toward me can only mean one thing: I look different to her now, my signature has changed.

I’ve changed, and she knows it.

They all know it.

I’m an intruder in their Master Hive.

All at once the Protectors dart toward me like a horde of murderous beasts.

Now I comprehend the true extent of what Amharr has done to me. But it’s too late. The Protectors pound toward me, their skull-crushing jaws reaching to shred me to pieces.

(click here to download The Deep Link for FREE!)

In other news (but still related because the human mind works in circles), I’ve been a little absent from the online world this past month because I’ve returned from my post-publication holiday with a vengeance.

Over the course of this torrid month of August I’ve written 60’004 words! Actually, they were written in 18 days, and that averages at over 3’300 words a day! OMG I would have never thought I’d reach such numbers.

Admitted, I had to throw away about 30K because I replotted the blasted thing despite my thorough outline. But I love my new plot sooo much more, those 30K didn’t even leave a dent in my mood. AND those 30K were very well invested in training myself into the habit of writing consistently, and consistently much.

Sorry, keyboard.

Sorry, keyboard.

As of now, I’m well into the second book of my Ascendancy Trilogy, called The Prime Rift. If all goes well, it shall be finished and edited this fall. That’s, like, supersonic speed for me given that my learning curve in writing The Deep Link was so phenomenally large and slow. So I couldn’t be more proud!

I’m also super excited about this book because Taryn’s now taking charge (and oh, how she is!), the stakes are even higher and the enemies more surprising, and I’m just dying to get it done and share it with the world.

But until then, I’ll keep hacking away and giggling madly to myself.

And reading absolutely awesome books, like Rachel Aaron’s Paradox trilogy. That’s some seriously good stuff. Rachel’s also (in part) responsible for my huge increase in WPH (words-per-hour), as her productivity and eiditng advice were real eye-openers. She’s an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for me. You go, Rachel!

There are so many great writers to look up to — especially among indies! — that no matter how hard or slow starting out is, so long as we keep at it, stay motivated, and write what we love increasingly well, we are essentially living a dream — even if the numbers are slow in backing it up just yet. But numbers aren’t why we’re doing this in the first place, are they… :)

Okay, enough with the emotional stuff. BACK TO WRITING ALIENS!

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The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway

THE DEEP LINK Available NOW on Amazon!

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